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At Swisso Kalmo, partnerships are central to our approach to achieving relief from poverty, building resilience, and advancing the dignity and well-being of the world’s most vulnerable populations.
Swisso Kalmo relies on a broad range of partners — communities, local NGOs, international NGOs, corporations, foundations and institutional donors — to shape and support our programs. Our partners help us deliver the diverse skills and insights needed to maximize the impact of every program.

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Volunteers are central to our projects. Our volunteers are a select group of experts representing diverse specialties.Volunteers work to support our headquarters, field staff, strategic partners and communities.

We work at the centre of today’s greatest human suffering and health challenges, focused on:

  • Disasters and Health Crises
  • Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health
  • Infectious Disease
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Food security
  • Illiteracy

Volunteers serve to:

  • Build Capacity of health care workers and health systems
  • Provide Care during emergencies and health crises
  • Support Operations through other expertise such as information technology, monitoring and evaluation, fundraising and communications.
  • Teaching vocational training

If you are interest to volunteer, please feel free to email us at

Fund raise

Swisso Kalmo provide humanitarian and lifesaving medical care and support to those affected by health emergencies like the devastating food crisis in Somalia.

The health and survival of millions of women and children are at stake as famine looms in Somalia. Create your own fundraiser to provide the vital impact funds which allow Swisso Kalmo to respond effectively to the devastating threat of famine in Somalia. You can help deliver urgent healthcare solutions to those in desperate need of help by signing up for SK in Action today!